We think that good communication is really important because it helps people to:

  • have choices
    make friends
    tell people when things go wrong
    be included and speak up for themselves

There is a Communication Network for people with learning disabilities for Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.  Click here to find out more
Easy read


5 Good Communication Standards.  Click here to read about the standards.





Signalong  Communication has never been simply a matter of words. People who find it hard to use the spoken word to communicate benefit from using some form of sign language. The sign language taught within Rutland is Signalong, it is very similar to Makaton. Click here to go to the signalong website


Communication Passports

Anybody with a learning disability who wants a communication passport should be able to have one. A communication passport shows how a person communicates.
For communication passport training contact Ashleigh Burrows.
Click here for information about communication passports
Complex Needs

Click here to see some easy read guidelines produced by Mencap to help communication with people with complex needs
Click here to see the more detailed version of the guidelines produced by Mencap.
Click here to go to get information about the Mencap involve me project
Click here to go to see a DVD called “If you listen you will hear me” You will need to scroll to the bottom of the page.

Speaking up for health group
Click here to see information about the speaking up for health group
Click here to see a Mencap speaking up for health presentation part 1 and click here for part 2.