Better Health



Better Health

The Leicestershire and Rutland ‘Better Health Group’ aims to make sure that local health services meet the needs of people with learning disabilities. This will help people with a learning disability to lead healthy lives and get good health services. How often does the group meet? The group meets once every 2 months for 2 ½ hours. Who leads the meeting? The meeting is led by a senior member of staff from the Primary Care Trust.

Hospitals People in Rutland may go to different hospitals.To find information on hospitals in Leicestershire and Rutland click here.  To find information on hospitals in Peterborough and Stamford click here. To find information on hospitals in Grantham click here.  To find information on hospitals in Kettering click here.


An Emergency Grab Sheet will help health services and ambulance staff to keep you safe and know about the care that you need. You need to keep this sheet up to date and clear so that people can read it.  To see an example of an Emergency Grab Sheet click here



NHS – Continuing Health Care What do I need to know?   Click here for information for families of people with Learning Disabilities.


Learning Disability Acute Liaison Team This Team supports people with learning disabilities, relatives/carers during admissions to hospitals, through emergency admissions or planned appointments. Click here to read about the Acute Liaison Team and get their contact details click here for the Acute Liaison Nurse Referral form.



Choosing Health is a booklet about plans for improving people’s health.  The Government wants to help people in England to be healthier. Click here to see the Choosing Health booklet.



  Learning Disability Health Checks All about the Learning Disability Health Checks – click here to find out what to expect at your annual health check.



How to make a Complaint Click here to find out what to do if you are not happy about how you have been looked after by health staff.




  Easy Health A web site giving easy read health information. Click here to visit the website