This is all about moving from children’s services and into adult services.
The Senior Practitioner for Transitions at Rutland County Council supports people moving from Children Services to Adult Services.


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Transitions Protocol
We are writing a document of what professional people will do when they are working with young people from the age of 14 to 19 years.  This document is called the Transitions Protocol.


DVDThere is a DVD and leaflet to help you to understand what happens when people with learning disabilities move from Children’s Services through to Adult Services. Click here to see the leaflet. Contact Rutland County Council to ask for a copy of this DVD.


GroupTransitions Operations Group
This Group meets to make sure Adult Services know the young people who are coming through transitions and to find out what support they need.

Work that we have done and work that we are still doing:
1)    Gather information for Community (Adult) Services for future planning.
2)   Provide information about Transitions, in booklets and leaflets.
3)   Introduce Person Centred Planning into the Year 9 Annual School Review process for
young people with Special Educational Needs.
4)   Introduce a Person Centred Planning approach for young disabled people 17 years old.
5)   Attend conferences and workshops about Transitions and find out how people in other
parts of the country are working and learn from this.  Share our information with other
people working in transitions.
6)   Some members of the group are also on other groups linked to the Learning Disability
Partnership Board.