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Group meetingKeeping Safe

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The aim of the group is to make sure that people with a learning disability in Rutland feel safe and are safe  when out in the community.  The group consists of a mixture of people with learning disabilities, learning disability professionals and police. We would like any parents/carers to join the group. If you are interested please contact the learning disability admin on 01572 75825701572 758257.


Leics & Rutland Safeguarding adults
Keeping safe in Leicestershire and Rutland.  Below is a link to several easy read leaflets such as: abuse; personal information and money; social network sites; cyber bullying; sharing photos and videos
Safeguarding in easy read – click here

* Advice on staying safe online for those with learning disabilities and those who support them!
Safer Net is a new website that gives advice on staying safe online for people with learning disabilities, and those who support them.
The site also aims to raise awareness of online abuse, the different ways that this can happen, and what to do if it happens to you or to someone you know.
Safer Net website

Family Carer Network logoSafeguarding Information for family carers of adults with learning disabilities:
In response to a request by parents and carers the National Family Carer Network (funded by Hft) has produced information on safeguarding concerns of family carers of adults with learning disabilities.
The Top Tips is information based on the views of family carers.
It provides suggestions about preventing harm happening in the first place.
It provides information of what you can do if things go wrong.

The Essential Guide is a booklet covering some of the words you will come across when dealing with safeguarding.
The booklet suggests what you can do to keep your relative safe and how to act if they have been harmed.

Mencap logoMencap are writing a report that shows how well different police forces respond to people with a learning disablitity who have been victims of hate crime.
Click here to find out how to report your experiences.


Disability Rights Partnership logoClick here to find out about disability hate crime, what to do if you are a victim of disability hate crime, what the police can do and what happens if the case goes to court.


Learning Disability today webDisability hate crime help line has been launched on 8th February 2013. The new 24-hour free helpline, Stop Learning Disability Hate Crime, has been launched by hate crime support organisation Stop Hate UK in England and Wales. Anybody who has experienced, witnessed or knows someone who is experiencing learning disability hate crime can contact the helpline on 0808 802 11550808 802 1155 FREE for support and information. Stop Learning Disability Hate Crime is free to call from landlines and most mobiles and the number won’t show on a phone bill.   Click here to to to the website.

Stamp It Out

Click here to go to a website called Stamp it out, a website to challenge verbal abuse, bullying and violence in Leicester, Leicestershire and Rutland.


Safety net logo


Click here to go to the Arcsafety website to find out about mate crime.